“In the following work …” – such sentences save you dear! We tell you how to write an exciting introduction so that the reader can hardly wait for the rest.

The introduction of the bachelor thesis is the figurehead of your thesis: It puts the raised question of your bachelor thesis in a current context and shows how and why you want to solve the problem. You also present the structured structure of your work here. The introduction of the bachelor thesis is a not inconsiderable factor in the final assessment, as the examiners already draw conclusions about the quality of the whole thesis. A good introduction is therefore the first step towards a good grade. In this article you will learn how to make a perfect introduction to your Bachelor thesis and what you should pay attention to in terms of content and structure!


  • Get curious about the introduction
  • Structured construction
  • Find examples
  • Get curious about the introduction to the bachelor thesis

The introduction of the bachelor thesis must arouse the necessary reading motivation among the examiners! You must note that there is always a third-party inspector who is not from the subject. This means that the introduction of the bachelor thesis must also be easy to understand for non-specialists. Above all, you arouse interest by underpinning your Bachelor thesis topic with current references! Sketch your question always in the current context and describe the motivation behind the question. For example, it may be that there are no further studies specifically for your topic at the moment and you want to close this gap. This shows right from the beginning that your work wants to solve an important problem. Furthermore, you awaken the interest of the examiner, for whom your work becomes relevant for his own research.

On the other hand, the introduction serves as a guideline for your bachelor thesis and aims to provide an overview of the topic, the question, the approach and the structure of your thesis. From it you can draw conclusions about your way of working and how well thought-out you work. A good bachelor thesis introduction should therefore always be clearly structured and reveal a common thread. Especially for the introduction of your bachelor thesis applies: Do not use unnecessarily prolonged phrase phrases and filler words!

Important: The introduction of your bachelor thesis should not exceed a length of one and a half pages with a scope of the bachelor thesis of 40 pages. When working with 80 pages, it should not be longer than two pages.

Bachelor Thesis: Introduction structure structured

A good bachelor thesis introduction should answer the following questions:

  • How is your work structured? Give an overview of the structure of your work. What did you work through in the individual chapters? You should keep this question in mind during the entire introduction or during the following questions.
  • What is your work about? Briefly and briefly point the reader to the topic of your work in two paragraphs. The very first paragraph is about explaining the framework conditions (eg industry, current relevance, etc.) of your thesis. Only in the second paragraph do you explain the topic of your bachelor thesis with which you have dealt.
  • What is the specific problem? Here you should describe the central question of your bachelor thesis in only one sentence or in the form of a single question. It should derive directly from the previous part.
  • What is the goal of your research project? Describe what you want to find out in the end and why.
  • How is your questioning incorporated into the current state of research? Briefly discuss the previous research on your topic, which research direction you refer to, which you contradict and why.
  • How do you proceed methodically? Describe your method and procedure. Is your Bachelor thesis a theoretical or a predominantly empirical work? Have you beside a literature analysis z. B. Surveys or a study carried out? Did you choose a more qualitative, open procedure or a data-based, quantitative procedure for your empirical research?
  • When you write the introduction of your bachelor thesis, of course, is up to you. In principle, however, it makes sense to create a first rough draft before you start working on the main part. Before preparing the introduction of the bachelor thesis, you definitely need an outline of the bachelor thesis with your hypotheses and questions confirmed by your supervisor.

Once you’ve finished working on your main part, you can write a second version of the introduction. Only now you can really estimate which hypotheses have come true and what the final structure of your bachelor thesis looks like. But make sure that you do not incorporate any findings from your work that are not yet to be found in the introduction – eg. B. Test results. These should only appear in the main part and in the summary!

Last but not least, compare the two introductions with each other, check them for possible mistakes and write a combined final version.

Introduction of the Bachelor thesis: find an example

A bachelor thesis introduction as example and orientation possibility you can find in the Internet, in the library and at the chairs of your university! Here you will find help in formulating and formulating your own introduction. For writing the introduction of your own work, take the example of a very well graded bachelor thesis written in your department and preferably under the same professor. This is how you find out how he / she sees a good introduction. Furthermore, you will learn how to put the most important information as compactly as possible in its introduction.

Sample introductions – 10,000 sample introductions to the bachelor thesis

At GRIN you will surely find 10 or more of your topic in a selection of 10,000 Bachelor theses. The works are all rated with top marks and the works found thanks to keyword search in seconds. Mostly you can even find works from your own chair. If that is not a 1A orientation and template?

Note: For some examiners, the rough grading is already fixed after reading the bachelor thesis introduction! If the initiation of your bachelor thesis fails, it will be difficult to convince the examiner that it is still a good bachelor thesis!